Save 50% on Building Blocks by Audible Genius


VST Buzz is offering a new promotion featuring 50% off Building Blocks by Audible Genius.  Normally, €58, this music theory and composition course is available now for €29 until April 11th, 2023.  This course requires you to sign up for an online account with Audible Genius in order to access the course materials.  More details from VST Buzz below. 

Building Blocks is an online music theory and composition course tailored to the needs of DAW-based music makers.  Starting from the very beginning, you’ll embark on a video game-style interactive journey in their online DAW. And along the way, you’ll build real-life music-making skills with the intuitive step-by-step process until you’re making your own original beats from scratch. 

Building Blocks will teach you how to create these four essential elements of music in an engaging DAW environment:

-Drum Patterns
-Chord Progressions

Over the duration of the course you will learn about, modernized music theory, creating original music and interactive ear training.

With Building Blocks, Audible Genius have thrown out the traditional music theory rule book and created a new approach that’s tailored to the needs of DAW-based musicians.

For more information, please visit VST Buzz.