Save 40% on Modern Harpejji by Impact Soundworks


The folks over at Impact Soundworks are celebrating the anniversary of one of their unique libraries with a special sale.  Save 40% now and buy Modern Harpejji for only $48 (regular price $79).  This special offer will run only until until 11:59 pm EST on March 1st, 2024.  More details below.


This week we’re celebrating the anniversary of Modern Harpejji, one of our most unusual sample libraries!  The Harpejji is a unique hybrid instrument combining elements of traditional keyboards with bass & guitar. It has a warm acoustic sound we absolutely love — and we’re not the only ones! The original instrument (handcrafted by the Marcodi team) has been featured by artists like Stevie Wonder, Jacob Collier, Jordan Rudess, A.R. Rahman, and more.

Modern Harpejji® can also go beyond the capabilities of the physical instrument. You can create new sounds by layering up to 3 strings on the same pitch simultaneously, switch to all bass or all treble strings, enable scale-correct harmonies, and adjust the dynamic response of the entire instrument.

Modern Harpejji perfectly captures the distinctive warm tone of the original and adds even greater versatility to make it an incredibly multipurpose tool!


Please visit Impact Soundworks for more information.