Save 37% on Hellen by Silence + Other Sounds


Silence + Other Sounds are offering a special Halloween deal featuring 37% off Hellen.  For a limited time, this horror voices library will be available for $49 (regular price $79).  Just use the coupon HELLEWEEN23 at checkout.  Hellen requires the full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or above.  This special sale will run until November 3rd, 2023.  More details from Silence + Other Sounds below.


Hellen is a Kontakt library based on ghostly voices and creatures sounds. We have teamed up with vocalist Alessandra Cognetta a.k.a. Psamathes to record a variety of vocal styles: operatic/soprano (multisampled), screams, whispers, growls, gasps, yells plus several tonal and atonal vocal layers and a variety of found sounds ranging from animal recordings to metallic friction and bowed effects.

Most of them have been processed with advanced sound design techniques (spectral morph in Kyma, formant and vowel processing etc.) to create a huge variety of sounds: soprano textures and layers, demoniac screams, evocative laments and howling sounds, unsettling laughs, designed creatures effects, ethereal whisperings , elusive broken sentences, monster growls and vocalizations, hair-raising screeches and shrieks, breathing loops (tempo synched) and even syllables and phrases in a fictional language inspired to ancient Latin.

Sample Library Review host, Don Bodin, reviewed Hellen when it was first released.  Check out the video below:


For more information, please visit Silence + Other Sounds.