Save 33% on MetaPiano by Sampleson


VST Buzz launched a new deal featuring 33% off MetaPiano by Sampleson.  Normally €89, this piano library is available for €59 until March 14th, 2023.  Standalone App, VST3 and AU formats are supported while Pro Tools is NOT supported.  More details from VST Buzz below.

MetaPiano is the first Spectral Modeled Grand Piano out there. It was built upon real sound captures from a Japanese Concert Grand Piano and meticulously rebuilt by math algorithms.  It’s so realistic you won’t believe it is not the real instrument. And so lightweight you can email it!

Sampleson mapped more than 64 groups of timbre components (releases, hammer, key noises, main timbre, resonance, etc) and recreated them by Spectral Modeling, archiving a realistic and warm sound in only 60MB, and with very low CPU usage.


Every sound in nature can be decomposed into simple sine waves, from a bird tweet to a trumpet note. Spectral Modeling is the process of analyzing and creating a sound by stacking simple sine waves together. 

MetaPiano achieves a realistic and warm sound in less than 60MB that is perfect for but not limited to the following music styles: Classical Music, Film Underscore, Blues, Jazz, and Pop. 

For more information, please visit VST Buzz.