Sample Logic release Guitar Fury with special intro price


Sample Logic has announced Guitar Fury

— At A Glance —
– 594 Instruments & Presets
– 43 GB Sample Content
– Made entirely from multi-sampled guitar instruments
– Dynamic meta-tag browsing system
– Hot-swappable effects chain technology
– Randomization refined for instant and creative inspiration
– Streamlined User Interface for stress free composing

“GUITAR FURY is an extensive 43 GB collection of nearly 600 multi-sampled guitars and guitar-inspired instrument presets.”


This is cinematic diversity at its finest, featuring multi-sampled performances captured by guitar impresario Steve Ouimette and programmed to perfection by the Sample Logic team. Think you know guitar libraries? Think again! GUITAR FURY is no traditional multi-sampled guitar library. It goes far beyond with every preset meticulously produced and dressed in glorious creative effects, resulting in a cinematic sound that blurs the line between music and sound design. From this massive virtual instrument arises a straight to the point user driven musical tool designed with a fresh and modern easy-to-use interface.

Guitar Fury will be available at an introductory price of $119.99 instead of $199.99 ($80 savings) for just 2 weeks. Existing owners of the Cinematic Guitars family of products will get an additional 20% off during this introductory pricing period with a unique code which will be emailed to each user.

For all details visit the official Guitar Fury page at Sample Logic