Sample Logic launches World Fury for Kontakt


Developer, Sample Logic, launched the release of World Fury.  For a limited time, this library will be available at an introductory price of $75 (regular price $149.99).  It requires the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher.  More details from Sample Logic below.


Introducing WORLD FURY: Your passport to an inspiring palette of world instruments and vocals captured from around the globe. This adventurous collection is derived and fueled by the creative animated instruments of WORLD AI, conjuring imaginative and exquisite presets from a fusion of global timbres and effects processing. We’ve peeled away the sequenced layers of WORLD AI to discover treasured cultural sounds beneath the motion. Building off this authentic indigenous content rises a new world of virtual instruments for the Kontakt engine.

WORLD FURY blurs the line between traditional instruments and modern sound design to deliver transformative world sounds, all organically modulated. Each sound is morphed with creative effects and a touch of synthesis. These 380 intelligently designed multi-sampled instruments and presets are your starting points for a globe-trotting adventure. Each one utilizes WORLD FURY’s efficient and easy to use engine, geared up to tweak and transform familiar sounds into unheard textural moments.

Using WORLD FURY, you can combine real-world organic performances with your personal creative touch.


For more information, please visit Sample Logic.