SALE: Up to 40% with new Shreddage Bass 2 bundles from Impact Soundworks @isoundworks


I have been using Shreddage Bass 2 and it sounds fantastic! And as you probably saw in my Shreddage 2 IBZ guitar library revoiw I am a fan of that library as well. If you haven’t yet picked up any of the Shreddage line this is a good chance to get them or complete your Shreddage collection.

Check it out the deal here  Impact Soundworks

From Impact Soundworks
“Save up to 40% on our brand-new SHREDDAGE BASS 2 library by bundling with other acclaimed Shreddage instruments!

Bundles are available both for new customers and owners of libraries like Shreddage 2 and Shreddage Drums. And if you purchased the original Shreddage Bass, you can save even more – check your user account area for an upgrade code.

Shreddage Bass 2 features a custom-made, six string Muckelroy bass recorded clean through a legendary analog tube pre for fatness & warmth. All key articulations have been recorded, including true legato (hammer-on, pull-off and slides), on every fret and every string.

This might be the last sampled bass you’ll ever need..

(Compatible with the FREE Kontakt Player!)”