Rob Papen releases three limited edition bundles


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Rob Papen releases three limited-edition bundles with savings of up to 87%

Rob Papen’s credibility in the music software scene is unrivalled since developing his first virtual synth – Albion – in 2002. Since then, he has developed a string of highly acclaimed virtual synths, such as Predator, Blue and SubBoomBass (among others) that have become an integral part of many studio set-ups around the globe from DJs to film composers.

These three new limited edition bundles have been specially put together to provide the essential production tools needed for EDM, urban music and sound design. They also offer exceptional value for money – each bundle saves over 50% and if you already own one of the included products you could save as much as 87%!


The EDM-X Bundle provides a spectacular line-up of virtual synths and effects plug-ins for contemporary EDM music, it includes Predator 2, RAW, RAW-Kick, XY-Transfer and RP-AMOD.

The Urban-X Bundle features five virtual synths and effects plug-ins designed to inspire and speed up the process of Urban music creation including Hip-Hop, Trap and RnB. It includes SubBoomBass 2, Punch 2, Punch BD, MasterMagic and RP-AMOD.

The Sound Design-X Bundle allows you to really experiment with audio and craft unique new sounds, offering six formidable virtual synths and effects plug-ins including Blue II, Punch 2, Punch, Punch BD, Blade, plus RP-Amod and Prisma.


Existing Rob Papen fans who own one of the eligible included products can take advantage of a special upgrade price which saves a huge 87%!

The bundles are only available until June, find out more here.