Rob Papen celebrates milestone anniversary with 20% off all plug-ins


Twenty years ago, after creating presets for the Waldorf Microwave, Ensoniq, Emu and Access Virus in the nineties, synthesis enthusiast Rob Papen immersed himself fully in sound design and developed the first of his hugely popular virtual synths.

Since then, some of the biggest names in the industry, from cinematic composers to top end DJs and producers, have come to rely on the likes of Predator 2, SubBoomBass, Blue II and more for creating that unique edge in their music.

With hundreds of incredible presets in each plug-in for instantly inspiring sounds and extensive sound sculpting controls for those who love to dig deeper, Rob Papen titles suit music producers of all abilities and countless musical styles.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, there’s 20% off all Rob Papen virtual synths and effects plug-ins for the entire month of July!*

To view all Rob Papen titles visit: Time Space’s Rob Papen section