Renegate by Auburn Sounds on sale at APD for $12.99


APD just launched a limited-time promotion featuring 67% off Renegate by Auburn Sounds.  This gate plugin is available for just $12.99 (regular price $38.67) until February 13th, 2024.  It’s available for Mac & PC in VST3 / VST2 / AAX / AU / LV2 formats.  More details from APD below.


Renegate simplifies gating and gives you a smooth and natural sound. Whether you need to clean up your recordings, enhance your drums, or create rhythmic effects, Renegate can help you achieve your goals.

Renegate uses a 43-bands psychoacoustic model to detect the envelope of the signal, which means it can follow the dynamics of the sound more accurately and avoid unwanted artifacts.

Renegate also offers alternative modes to apply gain reduction, such as lowpass and highpass filters, as well as a built-in sequencer to create patterns and polyrhythms.


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