. @Realitone releases Fingerpick with special intro price


Realitone released the long anticipated Fingerpick library with a special intro price of $79 (reg $119)


Official Press Release from Realitone below:

“After much delay, we’re finally releasing Fingerpick, a Kontakt Player acoustic guitar library focused on . . . oh, go ahead . . . guess! That’s right, fingerpicking! (You were expecting us to call it RealiFingerpick?)

I’ve done a lot of pretty big projects here in this studio. We’ve recorded acoustic guitar on a ton of records, commercials and TV shows. We’ll frequently try multiple guitars to see which one sounds best for a given song. This Takamine usually wins, even over my Martin and some very expensive guitars other people have brought in. (Skeptical? As always, our 30 day full refund policy applies. Yes, we’re that confident.)

We felt that not only was the choice of guitar important, but as we recorded, we had the player play as if he were actually fingerpicking a song, as opposed to simply saying, “Use your finger instead of a pick.” It makes a difference, because with all due respect to other libraries, I believe this one sounds like real fingerpicking.


Now, you know how we are here at Realitone. We insult you! Yes, just like with RealiBanjo, we treat our customers like they’re a bunch of musical nitwits who don’t know what patterns (rolls) a player would actually play. Okay, I know what you’re thinking – “How dare you, Mike! I may not know what a banjo player would play, but everybody knows what a guitar player would play!” Well, don’t take this the wrong way, but . . . are you sure? Yeah, we can all figure out an arpeggio. But do you know what a Travis pattern is? Or a Cape Roll? I didn’t.


But let’s suppose you do. Realitone makes another assumption, possibly even more insulting. You see, we believe you’re lazy! (Don’t feel bad, I am, too.) Why fumble around on your keyboard to figure out a bunch of patterns when we’ve already done the work for you? Plus, some of these patterns are original ones that these guys brought in, so you might find some new inspiration.

So how does the Pattern Player work? Well, you could watch the video below, but here are the highlights: You play chords (major, minor, 7th, 9th, 6th, sus4, dim, augmented . . . 14 different chord types for all 12 roots) on the upper octave “green keys,” then Fingerpick automatically plays whatever style pattern you’ve selected (29 to choose from, selectable via keyswitches) in sync with your sequencer. Coolness!

Here’s the best part. We’ve priced Fingerpick at $119, but because y’all are my homies, we’re offering an introductory price of $79. Only 79 bucks! So cheap you’ll probably want to buy two! (That’s just a joke. Don’t buy two. But don’t buy zero, either. Goldilocks says buying one is just right.)’