Realitone release update to Sunset Strings and new Demos


We aren’t normally ones to repost forum info, but we recently came across the official Realitone post by Mike Green from Realitone and had to share. Looks like the developer has been busy finishing up programming on the Sunset Strings library and has published an updated list.

we also came across a new official demo for the library by Vincent Carlo (below)

Sunset Strings is on a special beta/pre-order promotion – You can buy Sunset Strings now for $ 199.99 and receive the Kontakt version (full Kontakt required). Then receive the full Kontakt Player version once the instrument has an official release. Full price of the library is listed at $300 which we expect to see after the full Kontakt player instrument has been released.

* Attack and Release keyswitches. (Red keys on the keyboard.)
A0 = Attack On
A#0 = Both Off
B0 = Release On

* User presets. Click symbols on GUI to add. Once added, click to recall, or recall with keyswitches (red keys – G6 – C7). Click the X on the GUI to delete a preset.

* I edited the Scatter and Decrescendo release start times so they play better. Decrescendo start times are also fixed, along with corrected triggering for each length. (They were all off by 1.)

* Releases now are triggered more reliably. It used to be that unless a sustain (Top/Bottom Layer) was triggered, the Release would not play. This was annoying if, for instance, you played Crescendos and wanted to have Decrescendo releases. Unless you held the notes long enough so the Sul Tasto sustain was started, then the Release samples wouldn’t be triggered. This now works much better, and now the Release will play even if only the Attack is played.

* I added description text what the Mod Wheel and Expression knob do, since even I got kinda confused sometimes. Kinda ugly, but helpful.

* There was a bug where you couldn’t have different trills on the Top and Bottom Layers. That’s fixed.

* Key ranges are now colored, mostly so it’s easier to tell what the Basses are doing:
Blue Keys: High Strings
Green Keys: Basses
Cyan Keys: Overlap range where both Basses and High Strings play.

* Repetitions now start more randomly, as opposed to all notes starting at once, which was weird.

* NKS Implementation. Took forever, but Komplete Kontrol keyboards should now be good.

* Info – If the Info pane is open, you now get “info” for any knob or button.

* Shortened the Release envelope times for the Sul Tasto and Normale articulations. Eventually that will user adjustable. I think.

* Attack/Release volumes now automatically adjust by articulation, including when mod wheel is used. (That was crazy complicated to code.) You can still tweak on your end if you want, by clicking the little gear for each element, which displays a Volume knob for that element.

* There are a couple name changes:
Shorts – “Sforzando” is now “Crescendo Big,” since it wasn’t really sforzando
“Wide Vibrato” is now “Pitch Drift.” It’s actually a Quartertone Vibrato, but after watching a couple video guys breeze past it, I wanted the name to be more apparent that this is for uneasy or tense sorts of situations.

* A whole bunch of smaller bugs and minor tweaks.

To update, go to your download page and download from the “Sunset Strings Additional Files” link. (It leads to a new zip file, replacing the old one.) Download, unzip, then replace the Documentation folder (new manual), Instruments folder, and the 2 Resource Container files. Don’t replace the Data folder, since that’s where your unlock code is stored.

I’ve tested this pretty carefully, and I thiiiiiink it’s solid, but let me know if not, before I email everyone tomorrow. Thanks! – Mike Green, Realitone

For all details on Sunset Strings visit Realitone.