Realitone release Hip Hop Creator with special intro price


Realitone release Hip Hop Creator  with a special intro price $149 (regularly $249.)

Hip Hop Creator features a the sounds for modern and old school hip hop including 260 kicks, 240 snares, hundreds of hats claps, and percussion. 128 basses, a thousand keys, synths, guitars, bells, horn/orch hits, squeals …authentic scratching, which automatically locks to tempo. Plus over a thousand vocal hits, oos and ahs, as well as a ton of spoken phrases that are perfect for dropping extra flavor into your tracks.

I have included info from the official press release below as well as an interview I did with Realirone’s Mike Greene from earlier this year at the NAMM show.

For all details visit the official Hip Hop Creator page at Realitone

“Some of you may know that I used to produce rap records (yes, really!), so this has been a passion project of mine. I wanted to nail this one, so it’s the most complex project we’ve ever done, and has taken three years to get it right.”

Best of all, you know how we love doing groove generators and pattern players, right? With Hip Hop Creator, in under a minute, you can create a brand new and great sounding new beat that no one else has ever heard before. There are literally billions of combinations and possibilities here.
Hip Hop Creator is intro priced through June at only $149 (regularly $249.) As always, we have a 30 day full refund policy, so if you’re on the fence, you can check it out with no risk. (We would rather that you buy it, try it, and return it, rather than not try it at all.)

So don’t just sit there like a wallflower. Hippity hop yourself on down to and pick up a copy for yourself!

For all details visit the official Hip Hop Creator page at Realitone