Realitone announce $99 Sale + How To Use Hip Hop Creator


Realitone has announced $99 Sale + How To Use Hip Hop Creator


“Wait … did I mention Hip Hop Creator is on sale? Just 99 bucks! Now, I know what you’re thinking – “But Mike! At that price, you’re gonna run out of electrons from all the downloads!” Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. So that’s why we stocked up! No toilet paper, but we’re loaded up with electrons. Call me a hoarder, but if people want them some Hip Hop Creator, I consider it my duty to make sure they get it!

RealiDrums and Realivox Blue are also just $99 each. If you gotta stay at home, you might as well have some fun, right?”


Realitone has announced a $99 sale going on for their Hip Hop Creator, RealiDrums and Realivox Blue libraries.

The developer also released a “How To” video breaking down how to use Hip Hop Creator.

For all details visit the official $99 Sale + How To Use Hip Hop Creator page at Realitone