Rast Sound introduces Fume Originals Maxi Edition for Kontakt & WAV


Rast Sound launched a new release called Fume Originals Maxi Edition.  For a limited time, this compilation of diverse sound libraries is available for a special Christmas intro price of €79 (regular price €459).  The full version of Kontakt is required.  More details from Rast Soud below.


Introducing ‘Fume Originals Maxi Edition’: A Treasure Trove for the Contemporary Producer. We’ve meticulously compiled over 60 compact, yet diverse sound libraries, designed to spark your creative journey. Each library is designed to inspire the first idea of a song as myriad of brilliant igniters. Delivered in four curated segments and playable through 4 of our base engines.

The collection is a sonic palette that celebrates diversity and depth, offering a wide array of sound libraries for the discerning producer. Unleash creativity with ‘Beatmospheres’ and ‘Eclectic Beats’, or explore textural richness with ‘Organic Textures’ and ‘Vocal Scapes’.

Delve into the subtleties of ‘Arpeggio Colours’ and ‘Modulated Percussion’, perfect for adding nuanced layers to your compositions. For those seeking the avant-garde, ‘Re-Designed’ and ‘Reversed’ offer innovative sonic textures. Go ethereal with Chill Culture & Orb Series.


For more information, please visit Rast Sound.