Pre-Order Now: Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos by Spitfire Audio


Spitfire Audio continues to set the standard for sound in the digital age, with the next installment in its unrivaled Abbey Road Orchestra series – Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos.  This dynamic new sample library is available in two tiers, Core and Professional.  For a limited time, you can pre-order the Core version for $149 (regular price $189) and the Professional version for $244 (regular price $309).  The pre-order price will run until the official release date, November 16th, 2023.  There will also be a promo crossgrade for all Abbey Road Orchestra and Orchestral Foundations product owners.  Be sure to check your email for more information.  More details from Spitfire Audio below.


Performed by London’s top film and TV session Cellists and created using new recording and development techniques from R&D sessions at Abbey Road, Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos includes detailed legato patches with appropriate interval triggering that reacts in real time, so that every time you play, your next movement is triggered. This library offers an extensive range of articulations and playing styles — lyrical and performance legatos, a wide selection of longs and shorts, and control over a variety of articulations to allow you to create both intimate and epic soundscapes.

Meticulously recorded to allow for smooth and expressive transitions between notes, emulating the natural way a performer shifts from one note to another without breaks, Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos has been designed to improve playability and responsiveness vastly, with multiple dynamic legato intervals, and flexible interval types triggered by playing speed and/or velocity.

Stepping up its legato technology in both the Core and Professional versions, Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos features the most detailed and advanced legatos that Spitfire Audio has ever made. With multiple layers of legato techniques reacting in realtime to your playing speed and velocity.


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