Pre-Order Maleventum Pompeii by Silence + Other Sounds


Silence + Other Sounds announced the upcoming release of Maleventum Pompeii – Horns and Drums of ancient Rome.  Save 40% now and purchase this library at the pre-order price of $59 (regular price $99). Maleventum Pompeii is scheduled for release on December 8th, 2023.  The full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or above is required.  More details from Silence + Other Sounds below.


Maleventum Pompeii is a Kontakt library based on horns and percussions from Ancient Rome.  We have collaborated with producer and ancient instruments expert Francesco Landucci to record a vast array of horns and drums in an original Roman water tank environment, at the archeological site of Cecina Italy.

Most of the instruments have been captured with both close and room microphones, to provide the flexibility to blend/switch from a more intimate, breathy sound to a more evocative one.

Maleventum Pompeii features the following original instruments:

Horns : Roman Cornu, Lituus, Roman Tuba, Aulos, goat animal horns of various sizes and typologies.
Flutes :  Whistles and pan-flutes (syrinx)
Drums & Percussions : Timpana, Tintinnabula, Crotala, Sistrum
Weapons : swords, spears, metals, helmets

With the 15 meticulously crafted Kontakt instruments, Maleventum Pompeii allows a wide range of composition possibilities, from playable solo horns instruments to evocative horns layers, from war horns sound design instruments to phrases, percussion loops and one-shots.

Maleventum Pompeii is for TV, film , game composers and sound designers looking for a one of a kind instrument based on rare and meticulously recorded horns and drums instruments , to immediately set a ‘dark age’ and ‘ancient’ mood. It fits particularly well the epic genre, with specific regard to fantasy and dark age movies, but its versatility makes it useful also for post-horror, thriller, electronic and ambient music.


Please visit Silence + Other Sounds for more information.