Performance Samples Tease “VISTA” – Larger-Than-Life Chamber Strings


Strings samples are KING, and with Performance Samples upcoming release Vista being touted as “Larger-Than-Life Chamber Strings” we couldn’t resist sharing the demos.

Vista is a forthcoming boutique string library, featuring 5 violins, 4 violas, 3 cellos, and 3 basses.

If you’re not familiar with Performance Samples, the company is well known for its performance-sourced sampling creating some of the most specialized, expressive instruments for Kontakt out there. Every Performance Samples instrument we have reviewed has gotten top marks with the developer’s Angry Brass Pro Ensembles winning Best of Brass Virtual Instrument in SLR’s Best of 2019 Awards.

In the recent post “Producing Vista” by the head of Performance Sample, Jasper Blunk, he shares his focus on Vista was arrived from

“Vista is my next step in ensemble string sampling following Con Moto. My subsequent continuation in sampling tests and R&D bore fruit. Vista arose – a catalyzing project that went from an idea to recording in only a few days.

I like string ensembles that foil expectation a bit: large-sounding small sections, and big symphonic sections with a soloistic level of expression. Vista fits in the first camp, and it manages that with an extensive set of approaches and factors.”

The post goes on to share more of the details and process of creating Vista including how the musicians performing for the library were entirely principle players, and the violins were all concertmasters, that Vista was recorded in the same space as Oceania I/II, Angry Brass Pro – Ensembles, River Piano, and the Perfperc series, as well as some of the details

“I had been doing some tests with a three violin section in the months prior to recording Vista. I revisited some old concepts with new sensibilities and stumbled upon an improved legato approach. A short time after that, I woke up one morning and decided to do a library based on that approach, and a few days later I was in sessions.”

For up to date release info and the latest demos visit the official Performance Samples Vista page.