Performance Samples tease Solos of the Sea


When Performance Samples casually mentions they are working on some solo instruments we take notice! Last week I came across this teaser playthrough of the Violin A – which will is listed as being released as part of the cryptic “Solos of the Sea” libraries. The title says the library will be available September 2018.


“I am in production with the remaining Con Moto sections and they are on track for release later this year (within 2018). I re-recorded the violins – so there will be two independent violin sections released.

Solos of the Sea is entirely separate – it’s a set of solo strings and will be available modularly (Solo Violin A is the first release). It’s along the same lines as Con Moto as far as movement and expression, with the active-bow sustains and a concept I have called pitch-memory legato which helps with intonation and timbral coherence in shorter legato.”


Check out the demos below. They are just lovely!


No other information is available at this time.