Performance Samples release Solos of the Sea Solo Violin B for Kontakt


Performance Samples have released Solos of the Sea Solo Violin B for Kontakt. This is the second of the developer’s Solos of the Sea Instruments continues on the Con Moto series trajectory with active-bow sustains with Solo Violin B  clearly focused on delivering loud, ff dynamic and heavy slurred legatos in this specialized solo violin instrument.

Solo Violin B is on a special intro price of $39 (reg $89 until Sept 20 from Performance Samples.

Solos of the Sea – Solo Violin B is a very simple solo legato instrument. This library explores a fairly specific sound: a loud, ff-esque dynamic with heavily slurred legatos. You can trigger even more dramatic portamento legatos by playing hard velocities on certain idiomatic intervals. In addition, this release also has same-note bow-change repetition samples which can be triggered by repeating notes with the sustain pedal pressed down.

  • Solo violinist
  • One dynamic layer (in the territory of ff)
  • Slurred pitch-memory legato, recorded con moto (with movement in the bowing and vibrato)
  • Dramatic portamento legato, triggered by playing velocity 100-127 on upwards-intervals of P4-P8
  • Same-note bow-change repetitions, triggered by repeating notes with the sustain pedal pressed down
  • “Active-bow” sustains (non-static longs that move and evolve while simultaneously maintaining the dynamic/timbre)
  • Short, responsive release samples
  • One mic position – recorded at a moderately close distance in a hall with a stereo pair
  • 48kHz / 24bit
  • NCW-compressed, ~517.2 MB total
  • Built for Kontakt 5.8.1 and above – full, retail version of Kontakt required
  • Download via Continuata

After checking out the first instrument in the series, Solos of the Sea Solo Violin A we have been eagerly awaiting the new releases in the series.  We’ll get a review video together ASAP. See the SLR First Look of Solos of the Sea Solo Violin A

For all details of Solo Violin B visit the official instrument page at Performance Samples.