Performance Samples release Perfperc – Volume Ifor Kontakt


Performance Samples has released Perfperc – Volume I, a performance-sourced percussion for Kontakt.


Perfperc – Volume I marks the beginning of an exploration of percussion libraries built using multi-samples captured from repeated performance phrases. This library was produced with a heavy focus on start-time consistency and timbral cohesion between RRs, wrapped up in a performance-sourced repetition approach, which in percussion leads to a natural flow between notes, tighter playing, and more uniform dynamics. There was also significance placed on making the velocity response predictable and smooth, aided by the wide dynamic range recorded (up to 15 dynamics).

The library also dips its toes into the realm of playable rolls, building on top of the established performance-sourced repetition sampling approach. Playing ultra-fast triggers these samples (which work specifically well on things like the bongos and timpani). Deeper and more finessed sampling of playable rolls is the shape of things to come with further Perfperc volumes.

For all details on the library visit Performance Samples.