Performance Samples release Free Tech Preview Patch of Con Moto


Jasper Blunk, head of Performance Samples took to Facebook over the weekend to ask if anyone would be interested in testing out a limited version of his proof-of-concept for the upcoming Con Moto library and was greeted with an enthusiastic “Hell Yeah” from all of us Performance Sampling fans!

Listen to the demo below then grab the “Active-Bow Tech Demo” patch for free to get a feel for what Mr. Blunk has in store for us!

No release date or pricing info on the full library at this time.


“Active-Bow Tech Demo is a limited, single-dynamic proof-of-concept patch for one of the features in Performance Samples’ forthcoming legato string library, Con Moto. Active-bow sustains are “breathing,” non-static longs that move and evolve while simultaneously maintaining dynamic/timbre. They create a feeling of constant “re-phrasing,” musical restlessness, and emotive adjustment in the bowing, via performance and creative editing. In the forthcoming Con Moto release, active-bow sustains work in tandem with legato intervals and attack/release samples derived from phrases.”