Performance Samples release Con Moto Violins B for Kotnakt


Performance Samples has released the next in their Con Moto series:  CON MOTO – VIOLINS B.

Special early discount promo price is generous. More details from the developer below.

“$79 early-adopter price until ~10AM April 5 (Pacific Standard Time)
$99 intro price ~10AM April 5 through April 12 (full price: $149)”

Con Moto – Violins B is a string library recorded with motion in the sustains, legato, and attacks/releases. “Active-bow” sustains offer continuously re-expressed vibrato & emotion, via performance & editing approaches. Responsive note attacks and meticulously-timed release samples – derived from units of musical performance – morph with your playing to allow fluent note-length variation, similar to previous Performance Samples libraries. Much in the same vein as Oceania, Con Moto – Violins B continues along the path of “energetic release samples” and appreciation of performance-sourced phrase endings as a critical element of the toolkit in release-sample functionality. Bow-change legato transitions wrap it all together, and with the entire library recorded con moto and musically-restless, the result is a breathing ensemble with coherence in phrasing, vibrato, and expression.

Eight violins (primarily soloist and 1st-chair musicians) from the Capellen Orchestra
Three dynamic layers, from moderately soft to FFF
Bow-change legato con moto (legato with movement in the bowing and vibrato)
“Active-bow” sustains (non-static longs that move and evolve while simultaneously maintaining the dynamic/timbre)
Release samples that respond fluently to note-length variation
Player positioning: divided between 1st and 2nd violins
Recorded in an ambient hall* with multiple mic positions:
Close 1st-Chair
Close Section
48kHz / 24bit
NCW-compressed, ~2.34 GB total
Built for Kontakt 5.8.1 and above – full, retail version of Kontakt required
Download via Continuata


For all details visit the official CON MOTO – VIOLINS B page at Performance Samples