Performance Samples release Angry Brass Pro with special intro & loyalty pricing


Performance Samples has released Angry Brass Pro, a follow up to the developers hugely popular freebie, Angry Brass and it feels a little like Christmas morning over here at the SLR office!

The new library offers a sample set from 4 french horns, 3 trumpets, and 3 bass trombones and contains brand new “LOUD” brass ensemble samples and is delivered as a Kontakt instrument. The library normally sells for $189 but is on a special intro price of $139 until Sept 11, 2019.

In addition, owners of Performance Samples Caspian Brass will get Angry Brass Pro for $99 with code “ABPENSCASP” at check out (ends Sept 11, 2019)

I’ll include some info on the library below but for all details visit the official Angry Brass Pro page at Performance Samples


Performance Samples release Angry Brass Pro

“Angry Brass Pro – Ensembles is a loud (ff-fff) brass overlay library, recorded in the same space as Oceania, featuring very lean yet energetic instruments with the capability to vary note lengths fluently from a tongued staccato to a longer marcato.”

It features three separate sections: three trumpets, three bass trombones, and four horns. Stay tuned for the dedicated, forthcoming

The recordings were done with a Cross-Instrument Session approach, which is where all of the separate sections are playing on the same session, vibing off each other’s performances and dividing the time to maximize resting. This approach creates more internal dynamic balance, more energy from resting (while not disrupting session momentum), and generally a more collaborative “band” environment during sessions.

The approaches used on this library originate from previous Performance Samples releases (such as Oceania and even the legacy Angry Brass) as well as new variations on those library’s approaches. Most importantly, they further set the groundwork for continual, progressing approaches and creative exploration in future Performance Samples libraries.

The performances were recorded and grafted from multiple lengths to front-load the energy in the attacks and better match to the amplitude and timbral characteristics of the accented, fast-tongued releases. The library’s playability continues the concept of “delayed-but-predictable” in its timing (just like Oceania) – patches which are moderately (while not unusably) delayed to allow for flexible release programming and other things, while also being very consistent and built for uniformity. The library’s delay matches Oceania’s delay of around 80 ms, allowing a cohesive brass compliment to the choir – insofar as the same room, same timing, and same ‘thematic writing’ note-length flexibility. Angry Brass Pro – Ensembles marks a step beyond the original Angry Brass freebie, similar in the way of an ultra-simple feature set – but with a more refined process. The library will function as an affordable standalone solution, in tandem with the forthcoming Angry Brass Pro – Soloists release, and finally as as a layer to any other dedicated brass libraries you may have (including Caspian).

Both the ensembles and soloists in Angry Brass Pro are 100% new recordings (nothing is re-used from the Angry Brass freebie).

For all details visit the official Angry Brass Pro page at Performance Samples


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