Paul Thomson Walkthrough updateded eDNA Earth from Spitfire Audio


Paul Thomson walks us through his favorite sounds from eDNA Earth. 

Manipulated entirely from Spitfire‘s orchestral sample recordings this library has a brand new interface with a slick, all-new GUI.

The library normally sells for $149 but is on a special re-introductory price of $99.

Those who own the previous version of the library can check their Account for a free update.


“An epic collection of synthesised orchestral sounds, eDNA Earth has been created using our enormous range of organic orchestral recordings, manipulated, warped and reprogrammed beyond recognition by Spitfire’s award-winning team of composers, engineers and developers. With thousands of sounds and presets, we have taken our entire orchestral palette and morphed it into an alternate universe. A powerful encyclopaedia of unique, experimental electronic samples, eDNA Earth has been created with film, TV and games music in mind, offering endless inspiration to the next generation of media composers, while also appealing to dance and pop producers wanting to add cutting-edge, cinematic electronic textures to their music. With eDNA’s new easy to use, ultra-controllable GUI, an uncharted territory of new sonic experimentation is within your grasp.”

Visit Spitfire Audio‘s eDNA Earth page for more details.