Overview: Shakuhachi solo ethnic flute by Impact Soundworks @ISoundworks


Shakuhachi, of the Ventus Series,  is a new virtual instrument by Impact Soundworks for Native Instruments Kontakt. The instrument is the most deeply-sampled shakuhachi ever recorded featuring 15 playable articulations, 600+ phrases and 6,000+ samples total.

You can get the Shakuhachi solo ethnic flute from Impact Soundworks

The Shakuhachi is the first in the Ventus Series of solo ethnic wind instruments that are designed to be easy to play, and offer easy ways to get instantly authentic performances.
The Ventus Series also debuts Impact Soundwork’s new TOTAL ARTICULATION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY (TACT). A brand new way of setting up custom articulation mapping for virtual instruments. Featuring multi-dimensional mapping (velocity, keyswitch, MIDI CC, key range, pedal), per-articulation volume and dynamic tweaks, up to 3 trigger conditions per articulation, control over legato and release noises, and an incredible AUTOMAP system for creating huge map setups in just a few clicks.


More info at  Impact Soundworks

Watch the TACT tutorial