Out Now: Virtual Pianist SCORE by UJAM


UJAM just launched the latest release in the Virtual Pianist series: Virtual Pianist SCORE.  For a limited time, this piano library is available at the introductory price of $99 (regular price $149).   The latest version of the UJAM App is required. Existing owners of other Virtual Pianist libraries receive an additional discount and can purchase SCORE for $79.  More details from UJAM below.


If you love movies and games, you know just how much the backing music can make or break the feeling of a story. With more than 175 powerful presets, Virtual Pianist SCORE lets you effortlessly guide your viewers and listeners to the feelings of your story.

SCORE’s complex sound character is based on our meticulous studies and sampling of the legendary Steinway D Grand Piano. We painstakingly recorded and mixed this beautiful instrument so you can dial in the perfect sound with a couple of clicks.

Realistic piano tracks can be hard to come by. With SCORE it’s fast and easy. Play freely in Instrument mode or let SCORE do the playing for you in Player mode.

Great sound is great, but great sound that gels perfectly with your mix is better. Virtual Pianist SCORE lets you set the tone, anywhere from soft and expressive to bright and assertive.


Please visit UJAM for more information.