Out Now: ultraSPHERE by Sample Logic


Sample Logic introduced a new release called ultraSPHERE.  This soundscape designer is available for $299.99 (regular price $399.99) from today until May 1st, 2024.  AU and VST3 plugin formats are supported.  More details from Sample Logic below.


ultraSPHERE soundscape designer is the ultimate tool for crafting cinematic soundscapes that push the boundaries of music and sound design. Sample Logic delivers a new virtual instrument platform to deliver this groundbreaking new generation station, putting you in control of a vast collection of over 1,500 expressive cinematic samples.

At the heart of ultraSPHERE is the new UltraEngine. This is Sample Logic’s next-generation audio engine, designed to deliver unparalleled sonic power and flexibility. Free from the shackles of third-party platforms, the UltraEngine is a plug-in years in development, with innovative architecture and advanced sound design algorithms. Sculpt, manipulate, and animate your sounds with breathtaking precision and detail. ultraSPHERE is just the first step on a thrilling adventure.

Loaded with inspiring presets, ultraSPHERE is a pick-up-and-play powerhouse. Use the preset browser to find your perfect sounds in double-quick time, with tagged presets and favoriting options – even re-tagging any preset from the library. A preset is almost sounding spot-on, but not quite?… easily load up new sources and parameters, whilst keeping core characteristics of your sounds intact.

Equipped with the latest sound sculpting technologies and modules, ultraSPHERE empowers you to mold and shape your sonic vision with unparalleled detail.


Please visit Sample Logic for more information.