Out Now: The Score by Sonuscore


Sonuscore and Best Service have announced a new release: The Score.  It’s available for $399.  Registered users of The Orchestra Complete (1, 2, or 3) are eligible for a time-limited Loyalty Crossgrade priced at $ 299.  The Score is NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player and the full version of Kontakt 7.5.2 or higher.   More details from Best Service below.


THE SCORE is our groundbreaking all-in-one scoring-tool, covering a massive palette of genres, styles and instruments. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect assistant, making composing as creative and free as possible, without any limits. Skip all technical burdens and start making music now.

THE SCORE gives you everything you need to compose for any genre, right out of the box. Start with inspiring Stories and use our smart tools to get on track instantly. Further shape your work with 160 individual instruments. Our intuitive interface makes your composing efficient, straightforward, and fun.

All Stories are made of 10 arranged instrument slots, which you can exchange at your will. To cover the extremely diverse scoring palette, THE SCORE comes with 160 instruments, covering everything from all orchestral instrument sections, to countless diverse synthetic and band instruments, world music soloists, percussion and more… THE SCORE gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create the perfect score.


Please visit Best Service for more information.