Out Now: Synchron Duality Strings by Vienna Symphonic Library


Vienna Symphonic Library has released Synchron Duality Strings.  Two different versions are available.  The Standard Library is available for €425 (regular price €595) and the Full Library is available for €695 (regular price €960).  The introductory prices will run until July 31st, 2023.  A free iLok account is required.  More details from VSL below. 

Introducing Synchron Duality Strings, a brand-new Collection that comprises two string ensembles that were sampled at once, playing in separate rooms at Synchron Stage Vienna. While the larger ensemble played in the famous main hall, Stage A, the smaller ensemble was recorded in the relatively dry Stage B. Both ensembles performed together, with the conductor on the podium in Stage A also directing the ensemble in Stage B via video monitors.

With the musicians’ ability to hear each other from different rooms, all musical aspects of every performance are perfectly in sync, such as volume, timbre, vibrato, note length, and phrasing, for every articulation. Thanks to Synchron Stage Vienna’s unique size, flexibility, and technical capabilities in combination with the wealth of experience from countless sampling and film music recordings, Synchron Duality Strings is truly a unique virtual instrument. 

For more information, please visit Vienna Symphonic Library.