Out Now: Sounds from Beyond by Red Room Audio


Red Room Audio have a new release, Sounds from Beyond.  For a limited time, this sound design toolkit is available for $79 (regular price $99).  It requires the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher.  More details from Red Room Audio below.


Sounds From Beyond is a sound design toolkit tailored for sci-fi, action, suspense, and out-of-this-world-audio. This gripping and dramatic collection represents our genre-busting partnership with 3 of our favorite designers to provide a fresh, diverse, and evocative arsenal of spacey cinematic tools. We present these exhilarating sounds in a simple yet powerful engine with an accessible and easy-to-use feature set to quickly inspire your most bizarre and otherworldly creations.

Sounds From Beyond contains 1500 energizing samples (over 10GB of content) in 9 categories – Collisions, Dreamscapes, Evolutions, Implosions, Interference, Launches & Landings, Movements, Rumbles, and Voices. They’re specifically crafted to blast the listener into outer space’s darkest reaches and add punch and a hint of the unknown to your compositions.

The twisted sound designers at Red Room Audio have created the ultimate in off-world exploration. Unleash a symphony of alien echoes and unearthly reverberations that will transport your compositions to new realms. With a focus on the organic, yet electronic nature of interplanetary exploration, Sounds From Beyond delivers surgically designed sounds that have never been heard on this planet (or any other). Take a trip on a rocket ship, to a universe of infinite sonic possibilities.


For more information, please visit Red Room Audio.