Out Now: RX 11 Audio Software by iZotope


iZotope, a part of Native Instruments, today announced RX 11, the latest version of Hollywood’s favorite toolkit for intelligent audio repair. Featuring a powerful standalone editor and a full suite of plugins, RX 11 solves unsolvable problems for audio post production, music, and content creation.

RX 11 comes in three tiers—Elements, Standards, and Advanced. Each offers new features to help you deliver the highest-quality audio.  Introductory pricing is available from now until June 13th, 2024.

RX 11 Elements – $49 (regular price $99)

RX 11 Standard – $299 (regular price $399)

RX 11 Advanced – $799 (regular price $1199)


Infused with state-of-the-art machine learning technology, RX 11 adds new tools and improves beloved modules to help you handle everything from common audio problems, to the trickiest of sonic rescues.


RX 11 combines the power of visual-based spectral editing with purpose-built tools for fixing and polishing audio. With the RX Spectrogram, you can visually target specific issues like unwanted reverb, clicks, clipping, hum, and background noise with tailored repair modules. Plus, to get great results fast, the next generation of RX’s Repair Assistant intelligently recognizes and addresses specific problems, which can be adjusted with easy-to-use dials.


Please visit Native Instruments for more information.