Out now: Konduit by Orchestral Tools


Orchestral Tools announced the next installment of its FABRIK series: Konduit.  You can save 44% and purchase Konduit for €49 (regular price €89) until November 23rd, 2023.  The free SINEplayer is required.  More details from Orchestral tools below.


Energy courses through Konduit—a collection of sounds crafted from analog and modular synths layered with processed electric guitars and basses. It was made in collaboration with Belgian techno producer and live performer Peter Van Hoesen, who recorded all the synth layers at his studio in Vietnam. Inspired by the sound of electricity, the patches in Konduit pulse, hum, zap, surge, charge, and spark—running the gamut from delicate, melodic thrums to distorted bolts of destruction.

Enter the electrifying realm where every sound is an interplay of diverse impulses varying in amplitude, frequency, and phase. Our latest FABRIK collection, Konduit, dives deep into the sonic heart of electricity, offering 40 dual-layered sound design patches—each a catalyst for dynamic and dramatic mutations of sound.


For more information, please visit Orchestral Tools.