Out Now: Best Service Horizon Leads by Sonuscore


Sonuscore introduce a new release called Horizon Leads.  This cinematic scoring synth is now available for $99.  It works with the free Kontakt Player and the full version of Kontakt 7.5.0 or higher.  If you already own a product from ‘The Orchestra’ family, you can crossgrade to Horizon Leads at the reduced price of $79.  More details from Sonuscore below.


Enter a realm where synthesizers meet Hollywood scoring aesthetics – HORIZON LEADS opens the door to a new sonic dimension for cinematic scoring. It is your gateway to a revolutionary cinematic scoring experience. Unleash the power of cinematic synth leads diligently sampled and infused with the warmth of acoustic instruments. Crafted to perfection, these sounds add a unique human and artistic touch to your compositions and let them resonate with the essence of Hollywood.

Use HORIZON LEADS as a scoring tool for any project that could use a musical theme or motif to compliment the storytelling, or use it as an exceptional synth to create innovative melodies with outstanding sonic power.

HORIZON LEADS features an array of pulses, textures, and arpeggios in 150 animated themes powered by our renowned Sonuscore ensemble engine. In addition, you can immerse yourself in a vast palette of 80 freely playable synth instruments, each designed to empower your creativity. From ethereal sounds to powerful leads, you have the freedom to shape your sonic landscape.


For more information, please visit Sonuscore.