Out Now: Haptic Perc by Sampleson


Sampleson has a new release called Haptic Perc.  For a limited time, this plugin is available for $29 (regular price $49).  It’s available as a Standalone App and VST3 and AU plugin formats are supported.  More details from Sampleson below.


Haptic Perc is a cutting-edge plug-in that uses microphone input to excite physical percussion models. Creating a hands-on sensation closely resembling the authentic touch of real instruments.  Make everyday objects (such as a jar, a plate or anything you want) sound like a conga, a djembe or any other percussion instrument.

Haptic Perc comes in two flavors: as Effect Plug-in and as Midi Synth Plug-in. Both included in your purchase.


Please visit Sampleson for more information.