Out Now: Gravity 2 by Heavyocity


Heavyocity has released Gravity 2.  For a limited time, this scoring toolkit is available at the introductory price of $349 (regular price $449).  Existing owners of Gravity or any Gravity pack can get an additional $50 off.  Gravity 2 is NKS compatible and runs in both the free Kontakt 7 Player and the full version of Kontakt 7.6.0.  More details from Heavyocity below.


Gravity 2 is a visionary collection loaded with tonal rhythmic pedals, thrilling transitions, evocative textures, explosive impacts and striking signature stings that will elevate your musical storytelling. Welcome to a world where sonic possibilities are limitless, and composing finds its true expression through the use of these evolved scoring tools.

Over 1,000 custom-curated sound sources make up this intricate collection—ranging from junkyard mayhem and mechanical noises, to bowed strings on trash cans, obscure radio signals to a vast array of analog synths. When it comes to scoring tools, we’ve blurred the line between music and sound design.

Drawing from the essence that made the original GRAVITY exceptionally dynamic, GRAVITY 2 advances it, raising the bar for modern scoring tools.We have developed more than just a toolkit; this is a sonic transformation where the possibilities are limitless, and musical expression has a fresh, creative reawakening.


Please visit Heavyocity for more information.