Out Now: Folk Fiddle 2 (v3.0.0 update) by Insanity Samples


Insanity Samples released an update to Folk Fiddle 2.  Existing owners can update their library via the Pulse Downloader. For those who have not purchased it yet, you can save 50% on Folk Fiddle 2 v3.0.0 now and buy it for $65 (regular price $129). The full version of Kontakt is required.  Additionally, a free copy of The Shaman’s Drum will be included.  More details from Insanity Samples below.


Folk Fiddle 2 is our flagship roots violin library. With a plethora of articulations on offer, and our hyper-powerful overlay threshold functionality, both bringing a playability and fluidity unmatched in its arena. With true legato, and a series of scale-adaptive nuanced turns and grace notes that blend effortlessly into one another to craft beautiful folk inspired melodies.  FREE with every copy of the Folk Fiddle 2 comes THE SHAMAN’S DRUM. A deceivingly complex frame drum texturally, build to be straight forward to use, with a simple ‘beater position’ control that allows you to move, in real time, between different striking positions.

FOLK FIDDLE 2 is packed full of character and nuance in every note. Perfect for injecting a folk/roots/blues sound into your compositions.

Please visit Insanity Samples for more information.