Out Now: Deus Ex Machina by Cinematic Alpha


Cinematic Alpha launched a new Kontakt instrument, Deus Ex Machina.  This innovative synth library is available for $149.90 and runs in the full version of Kontakt 6 or higher.  More details from Cinematic Alpha below.


Deus Ex Machina sparked Andrew Fly’s graphic novel creation, showcasing its core sound features in this video.  This product is the brainchild of Andrew Fly, harnessing the innovative Rhizomatic Plasmonic synthesizer to craft a groundbreaking sample library.

Andrew Fly’s expertise, combined with Plasmonic’s advanced capabilities, converge to present a rich array of digital pads and textures.  Drawing inspiration from the evocative soundscapes of acclaimed composers such as Hans Zimmer and David Arnold, this library is tailored for cinematic projects and video game sound design.

Offering ethereal strings, immersive soundscapes, and vibrant plucks, Deus Ex Machina provides composers with a versatile toolkit to elevate their compositions.


For more information, please visit Cinematic Alpha.