Out Now: Damage Guitars and Damage Rock Grooves by Heavyocity


Heavyocity has released Damage Guitars, an explosive collection of expertly-crafted, heavy guitar tones, face-melting riffs, lush clean guitars, and flawless performances.  It’s currently available at the intro price of $199 (regular price $249).  Alongside, Damage Rock Grooves has also been released.  During the intro promotion, it will be free with the purchase of Damage Guitars.  If you want to buy it separately, Damage Rock Grooves is available for $39 (regular price $49).  This promotion will run until May 31st, 2023.  Both libraries are NKS compatible and run in both the free Kontakt Player and the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1.  More details from Heavyocity below. 

From a Gibson Firebird Custom Shop to a Fender Telecaster Custom Shop 1951 Nocaster to a PRS McCarty 594 10-Top — at the heart of Damage Guitars is a stunning and expansive collection of some of the most iconic and sought-after custom-shop guitars that many musicians dream of playing. 

Choose from over 100 production-ready snapshots to kickstart your creativity. Begin with the single instruments only, head-banging guitar riffs or growling bass lines, or explore combos of the two, where matching guitar and bass riffs have been preprogrammed to offer endless inspiration. 

Damage Rock Grooves

Unleash sonic synergy with the perfectly matched Damage Rock Grooves.  It’s a fierce collection of dynamic, hard-hitting drum loops designed to complement heavy guitar riffs and driving bass lines, laying the groundwork for your next aggressive cue. For a limited time, get Damage Rock Grooves FREE with the purchase of its ideal counterpart, Damage Guitars. 

For ease of use, the loops have been organized into two main categories: Heavy Grooves and Clean Grooves. Additionally, a set of snapshots, the Damage Grooves, have been curated to mirror the bank names in Damage Guitars to match with the corresponding riffs.

For more information, please visit Heavyocity.