Out Now: Damage Analog Hybrid Drums by Heavyocity


Heavyocity launched its latest release, Damage Analog Hybrid Drums.  For a limited time, it’s available at an introductory price of $119 (regular price $149).  Registered owners of Damage or Damage 2 save an additional $20.  This drum library is NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 6.8 or later.  More details from Heavyocity below.


Crafted from iconic analog equipment and organic recordings, carefully curated and aggressively sculpted, Analog Hybrid Drums unleashes maximum impact with raw intensity. Over 200 deeply sampled sources and 500 plus loops will shape your tracks with hard-hitting force.

Uncover the unique vibe of each sound as the blending of crafted analog recordings with transformed organic percussion elements delivers a punchy, machine-made, artistically curated sound palette infused with attitude and aggression, making it an essential for modern music production.

Sample Library Review host, Don Bodin, just did a review of Damage Analog Hybrid Drums.  Hear his thoughts about it below:


Please visit Heavyocity for more information.