Out Now: Cinescapes PRO Plugin by Rast Sound


Rast Sounds has released Cinescapes PRO plugin.   For a limited time, this generative ambient music maker is available at the introductory price of €99 (regular price €149).  Cinescapes PRO is for Mac (including M1 native) & Windows and available as AU, VST3 & AAX formats (64 bits only). Standalone version will be available shortly.  More details from Rast Sound below.


Cinescapes PRO plugin is our refined music-making engine, supercharged with advanced composing options, ready to go scales/moods. Its latest design offers elite tonal and duration possibilities. Experience a harmonious blend of innovation and artistry.

Cinescapes PRO is supercharged with advanced tools. Select your tonals and sounds, adjust generation rules, easily shuffle and regenerate ideas.

We prepared inspiring presets for different moods, durations and tonal setting to reveal the potential of the plugin. You can get started with these and go wild. Save your creations through the presets menu, share and load presets from others.

Coupled with a visually captivating design, Cinescapes PRO stands at the intersection of innovation and craftsmanship. We’re overjoyed to share this gem with our community.


Please visit Rast Sound for more information.