Out Now: Cattaneo Pianos by Have Audio


Have Audio has released Cattaneo Upright Piano and Cattaneo Electric Piano.  Both pianos are available individually for $99 each or together in the Cattaneo Pianos Bundle for $119 (regular price $149).  When you purchase the bundle, it comes with a bonus instrument: Cattaneo Cassette.  The full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or higher is required.  More details from Have Audio below.


CATTANEO Upright Piano is an intimate, unique-sounding piano which is simply perfect for songwriting, indie/pop and introspective scoring. With its HUMAN layer, real samples of pedal-sustained notes that get engaged whenever you use your midi sustain pedal (together with press/release noises responding to it when activated), you’ll feel like you were playing the real instrument


CATTANEO Electric Piano is an authentic dreamlike experience. Sampled directly from Cattaneo’s custom-modified and “augmented” Rhodes-type piano, it is nothing like any other electric piano you may have heard.


CATTANEO Pianos contains both CATTANEO Upright Piano and Electric Piano + CATTANEO Cassette, an exclusive bonus instrument available in this bundle ONLY!


For more information, please visit Have Audio.