Out Now: Bass Profundo Choir and Vienna Boys Choir by Vienna Symphonic Library


The folks over at Vienna Symphonic Library have released two new choir libraries: Basso Profondo Choir and Vienna Boys Choir.  Both libraries have a Standard Version available for €135 each (regular price €165 each) and a Full Version available for €210 each (regular price €255 each).  This special introductory offer will run until December 31st, 2023.  More details from VSL below.


The experience of hearing six contrabass singers fill Synchron Stage Vienna’s large Stage A with the robust sound of a low C is undeniably mesmerizing. And they can go even lower!  Basso Profondo singers, whose voices are distinguished by their rich, resonant, and profoundly deep vocal quality, stand out for their ability to reach the lower limits of the human vocal range, typically encompassing notes as low as two octaves below middle C (C2) or even lower.

The Vienna Boys Choir (“Wiener Sängerknaben”) is one of the world’s most famous and celebrated choirs, a cultural institution that remarkably dates back to the Middle Ages. Over time this ensemble has evolved into a prestigious independent concert choir known for its ethereal sound and diverse repertoire, which includes everything from medieval music to contemporary pieces. Comprising boys aged between 9 and 14, the choir is admired for its unique timbre and purity of tone, due in no small part to its rigorous training and admittance requirements.


Please visit Vienna Symphonic Library for more information.