Out Now: Aurora Textured Piano by UVI


UVI launched a new piano library called Aurora.  This textured piano is available at an introductory price of €79 (regular price €129) until February 25th, 2024.  It requires a free iLok account and runs in UVI Workstation version 3.1.11+, and Falcon version 2.8.5+.  More details from UVI below.


UVI Aurora comes from the need for a creative, modern-oriented piano sound – reinforcing the piano’s powerful tonal signature with a wide range of curated textural elements and atmospheres for a completely new, and uniquely expressive experience.

From playful and delicate to brooding and atmospheric, the sounds of Aurora are rich with emotion and deep with creative possibility. Explore new inspirations, create breathtaking sonic tapestries, and rediscover the piano as an innovative and definitively modern studio instrument.

Aurora expands on the piano’s distinct sound with a curated selection of textures and atmospheres. Explore dozens of unique augmentations and custom-made sonic reinforcements, arranged in categories including: Attack, Keys, Machines, Material, Nature, Orchestra, Electronic, Keyboard, and World.

Aurora comes with with an incredible selection of factory presets, offering unique sonic visions hand-crafted by the sound designers at UVI and some of today’s most innovative piano artists, including: Julia Gjertsen, Ben Crosland, Akira Kosemura, Joe Kirby, Ole-Bjørn Talstad, Arvid Holst, and Dustin O’Halloran. Discover new inspirations, tweak to taste, or craft your own from scratch.


Please visit UVI for more information.