Out Now: Altera Keys by Impact Soundworks


Impact Soundworks just released Altera Keys.  For a limited time, this unique keyboard library is available at the introductory offer of $129 (regular price $149).  It runs in the free Kontakt Player 7.8 or higher.  More details from Impact Soundworks below.


Create your dream keyboard with Altera Keys! We’ve lovingly recreated 20 iconic electric & acoustic piano and synth instruments entirely from scratch. Choose from hundreds of carefully crafted presets for sounds you’ll turn to again and again for pop, worship, funk, jazz, blues, soul, and more. Or build a custom sound or create a fresh take on a classic sound using five simple customizable layers.

Whether you’re a performing musician, media composer, or music producer, Altera Keys delivers both stage and studio playability and endless creative inspiration.


For more information, please visit Impact Soundworks.