Out Now: Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins by Spitfire Audio


Spitfire Audio has officially released the highly anticipated Abbey Road Orchestra 1st Violins library.  This legato string library is available in two tiers.  The Core version is available for $249 and the Professional version is available for $449.  Both versions run in Spitfire‘s dedicated plugin player.  A 10% off promo crossgrade for all Abbey Road Orchestra and Orchestral Foundations product owners is available until October 12th, 2023.  More details from Spitfire Audio below.


It’s finally here; ARO 1st Violins. Up to 196,000 samples, 60+ hours recording, 2000+ hours editing, advanced legato programming — delivered for the first time in 2 tiers: Core and Professional.

Core offers a comprehensive collection of articulations, a very high level of sampling depth and one Simon Rhodes curated signal option.

Pro goes above and beyond any library we’ve ever created — 8 legato articulations including extended patches, amazing sampling depth, 16 signal options and alternative attacks for the ultimate nuanced expression.

Stepping up its legato technology in both the Core and Professional versions, Abbey Road Orchestra: 1st Violins features the most detailed and advanced legatos Spitfire Audio has ever made. With multiple layers of legato techniques reacting in realtime to your playing speed and velocity.


Please visit Spitfire Audio for more information.