Orchestral Tools release Sångara for SINE Player


In collaboration with Richard Harvey, Orchestral Tools have a new release called Sångara.  This collection of cinematic southeast Asian instruments is available at a special introductory price of €249 (regular price €399).  It requires the free SINE Player.  More details from Orchestral Tools below.


Discover the musical pulse of an expansive geographical region distilled into a curated collection of instruments. Sångara—a library of over 70 percussion, wind, and stringed instruments from various parts of Southeast Asia—was made in collaboration with the inimitable composer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Harvey. It brings new colors to your composing palette, perfect for scoring, eliciting vivid mental images, or fabricating rich and cinematic worlds of sound.

Sångara contains a massive selection of instruments, some of which have never been sampled before. The instruments are all sonically unique.

Sångara was recorded at Karma Studios in Thailand, drawing on the knowledge and skill of experienced local musicians. In addition to common sustains and staccatos, many of the instruments feature articulations with a long tradition.

Sångara contains a battery of tuned and untuned percussion, a wealth of winds, and a plethora of plucked and bowed stringed instruments.


Please visit Orchestral Tools for more information.