Orchestral Tools release Berlin Con Sordino Strings and Berlin Strings Bundle for SINE with Special Promotion Pricing


Orchestral Tools has announced the new release of Berlin Con Sordino Strings and the Berlin Strings Bundle for SINE.  Until June 7th, you can save big when you purchase Berlin Con Sordino Strings for €349 (regular price €499) and Berlin Strings Bundle for €999 (regular price €2,800).  More details from Orchestral Tools below. 

Tap into a new emotional depth with the gentle, rounded sound of muted—con sordino—strings. Perfect for contemporary compositions, Berlin Con Sordino Strings combines subtlety and precision, offering unique textures with a truly extensive array of articulations. The sound is inspiring on its own, and blends beautifully with more traditional string sounds for rich, layered timbres.

Berlin Con Sordino Strings offers a much sought-after sound in a completely unprecedented level of detail.  It presents the authentic sound of string sections played with mutes. While other libraries artificially simulate string dampening, Berlin Con Sordino Strings delivers the meticulously recorded tones of physically muted instruments and the distinct style and feel produced from con sordino playing.

The Berlin Strings Bundle includes Berlin Strings, Berlin Symphonic Strings, the new Con Sordino Strings, Special Bows 1 and 2, the First Chairs, and the Strings SF.  Deeper discounting is available for users who own any of the collections in the bundle already. 

For more information, please visit Orchestral Tools.