Orchestral Tools release Benjamin Wallfisch Strings


Orchestral Tools launched it latest release, Benjamin Wallfisch Strings.  This string library is available for the special intro price of €599 (regular price €799) until January 2nd, 2024.  It requires the latest version of SINEplayer 1.2.1.  More details from Orchesetral Tools below.


Created with award-winning composer Benjamin Wallfisch, this collection redefines contemporary sampled strings, setting a new standard for realism and expression. Write for strings like you would for a live orchestra—with no compromises.

With loop-free long notes, a consistently dynamic sound, divisi for all sections, upbow and downbow strokes, 5 dynamic layers, an atmos mic setup, and a mix curated by Benjamin Wallfisch, these strings are the new benchmark for contemporary film scoring.


Please visit Orchestral Tools for more information.