Orchestral Tools introduces Grimm with Bleeding Fingers


Orchestral Tools announces Grimm with Bleeding Fingers, an evocative collection of historic instrument ensembles created in collaboration with the Hans Zimmer-led composing collective.  It’s available now for an intro offer price of €179 (regular price €249) from now until May 22nd, 2024.  The free SINE Player is required.  More details from Orchestral Tools below.


Venture into the sonic heart of a dark, foreboding forest with Grimm. With six ensembles performing textural, melodic, and aleatoric articulations as well as an array of processed pads and impacts, Grimm puts instruments and sounds from distant eras into a new context. It’s a set of cinematic scoring tools with historical associations but a contemporary edge.

Grimm was made together with Bleeding Fingers Music explicitly for screen scoring. Its foundation consists of six three-piece ensembles made from selected traditional European instruments: Tagelharpa, tagelharpa cello, lutes, sackbuts, hurdy-gurdy, baroque flutes, recorders, and strings.

Building from these instruments’ characteristic sounds, the articulations and processed patches in Grimm instantly set scenes and manufacture moods.

Since the instruments of Grimm are frequently associated with medieval or fantasy worlds, the collection naturally makes an exquisite palette of sounds for these genres. However, it’s capable of much more—from modern horror to crime drama, Grimm adds texture, tension, and emotion to scenes in need of a slightly melancholy tint.


Please visit Orchestral Tools for more information.